Xiamen Keheng Plastic Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the "Huicong Network 2021 China Health Environment Electrical Appliance Industry Summit" to contribute to the industry summit.

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The wind surges, the crowd competes, the innovation butterfly changes, the cohesion voyage. With the rapid development of the new economic wave, the integration of digital technology and the real economy is getting closer and closer, and all walks of life have accelerated into the stage of digital-driven and innovation-driven. Originally on-line and off-line, all in has no boundaries. The market, which used to gather customers in space scenes, now strengthens the platform effect and service value. The original "rule of man" commercial play is now plugged in with the wings of digital intelligence tools. This is the power of digital intelligence resonance!

    12On the 15th, the much-anticipated Huicong Network 2021 China Healthy Environment Electrical Appliance Industry Summit opened in Xiamen, Fujian. The site gathered clean water, empty clean fresh air, garbage processor, fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, intelligent toilet and other healthy environmental electrical appliances display, to create a "everything for the transaction" shopping transaction ecological chain. Association leaders, industry experts, business elites, technology giants, authoritative media and high-quality distribution agents gathered together to achieve the same frequency resonance with business inspiration with digital intelligence technology!

More than 70 years ago, Churchill said, "Don't waste a crisis." After each outbreak, it will bring new opportunities to the market. Under the epidemic, the healthy environment electrical industry accelerated development, ushered in a new wind. "Digital Intelligence Resonance, Detonating the Future", in order to help enterprises grasp market opportunities, shape the determination of transformation and development, and empower brand value in the era of digital intelligence, this summit conducted all-round exchanges and discussions from the aspects of trend prediction, actual combat interpretation, ecological integration, frontier capture, etc., presenting a "feast of thinking and enjoying" full of dry goods "!

In order to fully grasp the development situation of the industry and grasp the digital wave, the 2021 China Health Environment Electrical Appliance Industry Summit invited industry experts and authoritative organizations to take the lead in releasing data reports, interpreting new markets and opportunities for the development of the industry, and deeply exploring the new pattern of the health environment electrical appliance market. With the advent of the 5G era, the rapid application of the Internet of Things and big data in the field of health and environmental electrical appliances in China has promoted the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry. Enterprises cooperate with each other, open up to each other, and stimulate each other to form a resonance of value and produce Greater qualitative change will detonate the overall energy level transition and open a new future. In this environment, the guests at the meeting shared their respective fields and experiences on how to win the market and win the future.

   As a manufacturer of plastic valves, pipe fittings and pipe fittings in the industry, Xiamen keheng plastic co., ltd. had the honor to be invited to participate in the "huicong net 2021 China health environment electrical appliance industry summit". the company's high-quality products were displayed at the summit, which was well received by the majority of participants and contributed to the summit.