Foundation Laying Ceremony of Fujian Keheng Phase II Factory Building

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RockStanding Wan Yao Chun Qiu,

CreekThe water greeted the guests with laughter.

All things good,

Pengcheng Wanli laid a brilliant foundation.

     3Month20On the 15th, when everything returns to spring and spring is warm and flowers bloom, Fujian keheng new materials co., ltd.

HoldNewFactory groundbreaking ceremony,Speech by the chairman of Fujian Keheng New Materials Co., Ltd.


At the groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Zheng Bingli, chairman of the company, made an ebullient speech, expressing his heartfelt thanks to all the guests who came to attend the groundbreaking ceremony in spite of their busy schedule! The foundation laying of the new factory building will definitely become a milestone in the company's development, placing good hopes on Keheng Company. With the joint efforts of all of us, in recent years, we have continuously innovated and expanded the layout, accelerated the shift in research and development, kept the new in production, and made a strong foundation in operation, showing a positive and good development trend, promoting the high-quality and rapid development of Keheng Company.


This project is located in the industrial concentration area of Yanxi, with a total investment of about4500Ten thousand yuan, construction16000The modern standard factory building of square meters is expected to achieve an annual output value of more3Billion yuan, contributing tax revenue to the country not less1200Ten thousand yuan.

After the completion of the project, the production equipment80%The above will be intelligent, digital, systematic (ERP) The implementation of the Internet of Things in warehousing to achieve industrial4.0requirements. The product yield is in.99.99%Above, labor costs are controlled10%Below, the production does not produce waste water, waste gas, waste oil, energy saving and environmental protection. Solar power is installed on the roof of the plant to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality for national energy conservation and emission reduction, and truly achieve green factories and intelligent manufacturing.


In the future, Keheng Company will achieve three wins in operation:

1A win-win situation for the company and its employees. Establish an effective training system, gather team strength, create all-round compound talents, and promote the rapid development of the company.

2A win-win situation for the company and its customers. By realizing the value of customers to realize the interests of the company, on the one hand, improve product categories, improve supplier management, optimize production processes and warehousing logistics management, and provide customers with more professional one-stop service.

3A win-win situation between the company and society. By devoting to social welfare undertakings, providing employment opportunities, establishing a good social image of Keheng Company, and contributing to society.

Keheng Company will seize the opportunity to run a good enterprise, serve good customers, give back to the society, and make Keheng stronger and bigger.

Pile deep new industry, base real branch Hengxing!

Today, the foundation laying ceremony of the new plant project is held, which indicates that Fujian Keheng Company will steadily step onto a new stage of vigorous development. Let's wish the construction of Fujian Keheng Company a smooth start! And I wish our Keheng company's career, and create brilliant!