2019 Keheng Fire Drill Report

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In order to enable all employees to understand the basic knowledge of fire fighting, enhance their self-protection ability, master the skills of emergency response and escape to sudden fire, learn to put out fire and carry out emergency evacuation in an orderly manner, our company2019Year11Month4DayMorning7:40-8:40held"Fire Emergency Escape Plan PerformancePracticeactivities. Right.PracticeDuring the work arrangements, key content and related requirements have been fully implemented. Full mobilization, full participation, strengthen the safety awareness of our employees and emergency escape ability.



During the drill, the leaders organized everyone to learn the relevant safety documents and telegram notices, then the safety officer and everyone learned the basic knowledge of fire fighting together, and finally the fire safety officer explained the use of commonly used portable dry powder fire extinguishers.



After that, the personnel involved in the exercise personally experienced how to use the fire extinguisher correctly, andMaster the operation and use steps and methods of general fire fighting equipment.This fire drilltense and orderly,Safety assurance work in place, the exercise to achieve the desired results, and ultimately a complete success.



ByThisThe second fire drill,All employees understand and master basic operations such as how to identify hazards and how to take necessary emergency measures,Further enhance the staff's awareness of prevention and self-help ability, understand and master how to identify the danger, how to take the necessary emergency measures and other basic operations, in order to achieve rapid, orderly, timely and effective results in the accident.


I...DivisionTraining or drills will be carried out regularly to improve the emergency rescue skills and comprehensive quality of emergency response of our employees, effectively reduce accident hazards, reduce accident losses, and ensure the safe, healthy and orderly development of the company.